Global TCS is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Tube and Section cutting CNC machinery used in the Fabrication Industry. In the years since its inception our Fabri-Master Tube Cutting Machinery has been developed continuously with a view to extending both capability and functionality.

We have successfully introduced the new TCS FABRI-MASTER 610-B to the Structural Steel Industry. This machine is designed to cut various ends from stock length which the modern fabricator is now being asked to produce on a more regular basis. 

The Fabri-Master TCM is revolutionary tube cutting software that cuts round and rectangular hollow sections across multiple material types.

What the Fabri-Master TCM means for your business 
  • Massive cost reductions 
  • Quick pay back 
  • Simple training 
  • Local support service 
  • Very low maintenance 
  • Compact and space-saving
 Key Features 
  • Unrivalled accuracy 
  • Unique capabilities 
  • Cuts all shapes 
  • Cuts all lengths 
  • Fully computerised CAD/CAM system and works with industry-standard CAD packages